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Getting Hired

We place a high premium on finding and retaining those who are the very best in their fields. The professionalism and entrepreneurialism of our employees is a distinguishing characteristic of our company.

You do not need to be an expert, but you do need to demonstrate your knowledge and focus on the business area for which you have applied. You should research general information about the firm, and gain an understanding of our business, in order to have a more detailed knowledge of your chosen business area.

You will be asked competency based questions to give us a better idea of how you will react when presented with the issues, challenges and problems that can, and do, arise in business.

We will also want to know about your ideas, interests and experiences, so we can discover what you have learned from them. We want to know more about your thought processes and how you resolve issues and address problems. Who you are as a person is as important to us as what you know, so be prepared tell us about yourself.

Compensation and Benefits

We aim to attract and engage a highly talented workforce, and strive to provide our employees with market-competitive pay and incentives. At the same time, ensuring the long-term success of the firm is our foremost priority.

Our approach recognizes the need to compensate individuals for their business performance within the context of increasingly competitive market conditions, a fast-changing commercial environment and evolving regulatory oversight.

Our compensation structure is designed to be appropriately balanced between fixed and variable elements. Emphasis is placed on the variable component as an incentive to excel and to foster a performance-driven culture, while at the same time supporting appropriate and controlled risk taking.

We always take a holistic view of employee compensation within a total reward framework. One that takes into account base salary, discretionary incentives, and benefits.

The Seven Things We Look For In a Candidate

1. Problem analysis

  • Can you identify and analyze problems?
  • Do you select and use information to recommend solutions that are logical and realistic?

2. Judgment and decision making

  • Do you select and use information to make sound and balanced choices?
  • Can you evaluate the risks of alternative options and make decisions in the face of ambiguity?

3. Innovation

  • Can you generate new ideas and creative approaches?
  • Do you understand the need for change, and challenge existing practices?
  • Can you demonstrate an appetite for continued learning and the acquisition of new skills?

4. Communication and impact

  • Can you convey information clearly, articulately and succinctly?
  • How do you influence others, and do you make an impact through effective interpersonal skills?
  • Do you challenge convention with tact, and without being combative or confrontational?

5. Drive and commitment

  • Can you demonstrate the determination, effort and enthusiasm to deliver results?
  • Will you show initiative, originate action and consistently strive for excellence?
  • How do you overcome barriers, respond to failure and learn from criticism?

6. Teamwork and collaboration

  • Are you able to work collaboratively and support team members while pursuing personal objectives?
  • Can you encourage others to participate, listen to different viewpoints and work towards a consensus?

7. Planning and organizing

  • Are you able to organize your own work, manage your time effectively and stay focused on priorities?
  • Can you develop clear action plans with realistic deadlines that take available resources into account?
  • Can you amend plans to account for changes or unforeseen situations?

Global Perimeter Jobs

Global Perimeter Jobs

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Global Perimeter Jobs

*Please note that due to the large number of applications we receive, not everyone will be invited for an interview. However, your application will be kept in our database for up to three years. You are also welcome to apply again for another position.